Network Architecture, System and Protocols (NASP) research group

Department of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University

Address: 4-104, FIT Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 100084, China

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NASP group focuses on the research on network architecture, system and protocols. We are part of the networking research lab in the department of computer science & technology, Tsinghua University. We are interested in both analytical and empirical research approaches, with an emphasis on system validation. Recent research directions in our group include future Internet architecture, data center networking, cloud computing as well as software defined networking.


2014.02, Our paper "SODA: Enhancing the Data Plane Functionality of Software Defined Networking" got accepted by the research track in Open Network Summit 2014 (only 26 papres are accepted as oral presentations out of 92 submissions).

2013.12, Our EU FP-7 Marie-Curie Initial Training Network Project, "Network for Cloud Computing Eco-System", got funded.

2013.11, Our paper "Software Defined Green Data Center Network by Exclusive Routing" got accepted by IEEE INFOCOM 2014.

2013.09, Dr. Dan Li was invited as an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Computers.

2013.08, Our project under 973 program (ăÓ─ŕ973), "Software Defined Cloud Data Center Network", got funded.


Dan Li, Yunfei Shang and Congjie Chen, "Software Defined Green Data Center Network with Exclusive Routing", IEEE INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Dan Li, Mingwei Xu, Ying Liu, Xia Xie, Yong Cui, Jingyi Wang and Guihai Chen, "Reliable Multicast in Data Center Networks", to appear in IEEE Transactions on Computers.

Dan Li, Hongze Zhao, Mingwei Xu and Xiaoming Fu, í░Revisiting the Design of Mega Data Centers: Considering Heterogeneity among Containersí▒, to appear in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

The full publication list of NASP group can be found here.

Funded Projects

National Key Basic Research Program of China (973 program), "Software Defined Cloud Data Center Network", 2014.1-2018.12.

National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), "Switches for Cloud Data Centers", 2013.1-2015.12.

NSFC Project, "Research on Scalable Heterogeneous Data Center Network Architectures", 2012.1-2015.12.

European Commission FP7 Marie-Curie Initial Training Network Project, "Network for Cloud Computing Eco-System", 2014.9-2017.9.



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